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Our latest release, Exodus,
is available now

We’ve Been Busy Making Bullets

We are excited about the upcoming launch of the Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership’s Certificate in Pastoral Leadership, and, in honor of the occasion, we have been busy making bullets.
When someone would ask Adrian Rogers if it was OK if they preached one of his sermons, he would reply, “If my bullet fits your gun—if it’s the right caliber—shoot it. Just make sure you use your own powder.”

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44 Transcribers Needed

We Are Looking for 44 People to Help Us Transcribe the Remaining Adrian Rogers Sermons. You can be a vital part of the one of the most exciting and strategic ministry endeavors of our lifetime: the publishing of the 30-volume Adrian Rogers Sermon Library. Out of the total 1,350 sermons, there are still 220 that need to be transcribed. We are looking for 44 people like you who will help us complete this monumental project by volunteering to transcribe five Adrian Rogers sermons.

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Update for the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection

Do you own a copy (or know someone who owns a copy) of the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection and you do not have our latest update? If so, please fill out the form at the bottom and we will send you a complete update on a DVD-ROM . We have added over 400  great new...

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Adrian Rogers Resources Are
in Stock and Ready to Ship!

Are you looking for Adrian Rogers resources, such as What Every Pastor Ought to Know, What Every Christian Ought to Know, or the first three volumes of The Adrian Rogers Sermon Library? We’ve got them right here. Just look under the Resources menu at the top of this page. All resources listed are in stock and can ordered securely online today, either on this website, or at other ministry partner sites.