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We Are Looking for 44 People to Help Us Transcribe the Remaining Adrian Rogers Sermons

You can be a vital part of the one of the most exciting and strategic ministry endeavors of our lifetime: the publishing of the 30-volume Adrian Rogers Sermon Library. Out of the total 1,350 sermons, there are still 220 that need to be transcribed. We are looking for 44 people like you who will help us complete this monumental project by volunteering to transcribe five Adrian Rogers sermons.

Here is what you would do: Listen to the MP3 audio of the sermon, and type what you hear—word for word—in a special Microsoft Word file which we will provide.

Here is what you need: 

  • A computer (Windows or Mac) that has Microsoft Word (or a Word-compatible word processor, such as Open Office [which is free]) installed.
  • A Dropbox account (free and we can help you set it up if you don’t have one already).
  • Express Scribe transcribing software (free for Windows or Mac)

Optional, but not required: a USB transcribing foot pedal. We recommend the Infinity pedal that sells for around $65.00 on Amazon. Also, it is usually available used on Amazon or Ebay for $30.00–$40.00. (The purpose of the pedal is to start, stop, or rewind the MP3 audio file with your feet, leaving both of your hands free to type.)

We will provide you with some quick, simple instructions (don’t double space at the end of sentences, when to begin a new paragraph), and you are good to go.

What you will be: If you become one of our 44 volunteer Adrian Rogers sermon transcribers, you will be a blessing to thousands of people who will be impacted by the life-changing messages of Dr. Adrian Rogers.

What you will get: As one of our Adrian Rogers sermon transcribers, you will not only be a blessing, but we want to bless you as well. All of our transcribers will receive a free copy of the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection (every existing sermon manuscript by Adrian Rogers on a flash drive; this normally sells for $350.00), plus a free copy of one of the 30 volumes in the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library (retail price $49.95).

What we will also do: We will list your name (as part of our editorial team) on the very first page of the volume that contains the sermons that you transcribe.

Who we are looking for: 

  • First and foremost, we are looking for people who love and have been impacted by the ministry of Adrian Rogers, and who would like to help extend his ministry.
  • You should be fluent in English, and have excellent grammar and spelling skills.
  • You should be a committed, mature Christian with a thorough knowledge of the Bible.

What we expect: We expect you to be diligent, to treat each sermon transcript with love and care, and to finish all five transcripts in a timely manner (within two months, or sooner, if possible).

Yes, I would like to volunteer. Send me what I need to get started.