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A Challenge from Adrian Rogers

“If the gold rusts, what will the iron do?”

Although this challenge was given by Adrian Rogers in August of 2004 (15 months before his passing),
it contains the vision and mission of The Pastor Training Institute, which is still ongoing today.

Dear Friend,

ar_columnsWe have a problem in today’s world. And very frankly, the problem is a moral and a spiritual problem. And the only way that problem is going to be solved is by a spiritual awakening. And how are we going to have a spiritual awakening?  We need men of God, God-called preachers. For the Bible says, “How shall they hear without a preacher?” I say it clearly and plainly – the key is the pastor. Now here’s the frightening thing. Here’s what ought to challenge your heart. I want you to think of the condition of pastors in our world today.

  • 1500 pastors leave the ministry each month due to moral failures, spiritual burnout or contention in the church.
  • 50 percent of pastors’ marriages will end in divorce.
  • 80 percent of pastors and 84 percent of their spouses feel unqualified and
    discouraged in their role as pastor and wife.
  • 90 percent of pastors said their seminary or Bible school training did only a
    fair or a poor job of preparing them for the ministry.
  • 70 percent of pastors do not have a close friend, a mentor or someone they
    can confide in.
  • 95 percent of pastors do not regularly pray with their spouses.

Now think about it, friend. These are the leaders. A proverb said a long time ago. “If the gold rusts, what will the iron do?” The pastors are the gold, and they look pretty rusty. Now, the devil knows this. The Bible says, “If you strike the shepherd, the sheep will scatter.” And so the devil has aimed all of the artillery of hell at the pastor.

Now, here’s the question. What can be done? More specifically, what can I do? Well, God laid on my heart to have a pastor’s school. We call it PTI, Pastor Training Institute. Where I want to teach preachers things that God has taught me in decades of ministry. Am I qualified to do this? Well,
I’ve had the experience. I’ve pastored churches small and large, and I can say to the glory of God, his blessings have been on the ministry. I can say also that by God’s grace, God has given us an open door to share. And so we have begun the Pastor Training Institute to help pastors. Because if we don’t help pastors, friend, nothing else really is going to work.

What is the mission of the Pastor Training Institute?

To begin with, we’re going to have seminars where we train pastors, and up close and personal, dealing with such things as spiritual maturity, dealing with such things as ministry, and how to preach and how to share. Dealing with leadership and integrity. Then we’re going to be sharing sermon materials, helping men to learn how to dig their own gold from the Bible, but also to give them material that they can use. We’re going to have conferences and rallies to encourage the hearts and minds of pastors and their wives. The Pastor Training Institute wants to do some counseling to help pastors
with who have special needs and we want to enlist qualified counselors to help.We are going to work in cooperation with seminaries. Some of the finest seminaries in America have said, we would like to give credit for those who attend the Pastor Training Institute, and they’ve done that with an open heart and an excitement about coming alongside of us.

Now here’s the exciting thing. We want to take the materials that we are putting in print and on video and audio, and translate those into foreign languages, especially at this time into Spanish because we have so many Spanish pastors – Hispanics and Latinos – who are clamoring for this material.

How can you help the Pastor Training Institute?

Now we have some needs, and I hope that you will feel the need along with us. To produce these materials is costly and the travel to the conferences and the set up of the particular places are expensive. We want to be able to give scholarships to those who cannot afford to come on their own, who come from small churches. And then, of course to pay our own personnel, we need salaries and office expenses.

What is my purpose in sharing all of this with you? I’d like to move your heart. I would like for you to say, “I want to help you, Adrian. I want to come alongside of you. Together, let’s touch the hearts of pastors, so we can touch churches, so we can touch America, so we can touch the world.”

I’m not ashamed to ask you to help. Would you come alongside and be a part of the Pastor Training Institute? I sincerely, from my heart, believe that God is in it. I believe that God wants to use me. I don’t say that arrogantly. In a relay race, there comes a time when the runner has the baton in his hand and he’s about to place it in the hand of the next runner. And for a time, they are running side-by-side. I call that the transfer zone. That’s where I am right now. And I want to leave what God has taught me in the hearts and minds of so many young preachers.

Will you help? Thank you for doing it.


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