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About the Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership


The Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership is a state-of-the-art elearning platform offering comprehensive pastoral and leadership training at a fraction of the cost of a degree program from a college, Bible school, or seminary.

Pastors, Bible students, and Christian leaders from anywhere in the world are able to enroll in the school’s Pastoral Leadership Certificate Program, consisting of six courses based upon the powerful and anointed core curriculum taught on video by the late Dr. Adrian Rogers.

In addition to gaining valuable creative communication skills by studying sermon preparation and delivery with Dr. Rogers, students will also be immersed in vital topics such as spiritual authority, pastoral leadership, personal integrity, balancing home and church life, and sexual purity.


Our vision is to create the world’s premier e-learning pastoral training program—the Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership.

This state-of-the art website is a nondenominational, biblically-centered online education community where pastors can study under some of the leading evangelical teachers and communicators in the world. This nine-month certificate program provides new pastors with leadership, management, communication, and preaching skills to effectively lead and shepherd their congregations.


Here is the mission of the Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership:

  • To provide a world-class ministry education to global leaders at an affordable price.
  • To grant pastors around the world instant access to the Adrian Rogers training curriculum.
  • To offer cutting-edge leadership tools and training to pastors, church planters, and indigenous missionaries, to whom a formal seminary or Christian university education is currently inaccessible.
  • To increase a pastor’s confidence to lead churches with boldness, vision, and direction.
  • To harness cutting-edge technology and the power of the Internet to exponentially equip and empower hundreds of thousands of next generation pastors around the world to lead churches that change nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gifted and Anointed Instructors

Dr. Adrian Rogers

The core curriculum of the School of Global Leadership is masterfully taught by Dr. Adrian Rogers. For more than fifty years, Dr. Rogers consistently presented the Good News of Jesus Christ with conviction, compassion, integrity, and simple, yet profound, clarity. An unapologetic standard-bearer for the truth, Dr. Rogers is regarded by his peers as one of the greatest preachers, profound expositors, most respected Bible teachers, and esteemed Christian statesmen of our time.

Equipping and mentoring pastors was very near to Adrian Rogers’ heart. The very first Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute conference was held in 2003 in Memphis, TN, with registration limited to 50 pastors. The response was so overwhelming that many who desired to attend subsequent conferences had to be turned away, due to the maximum attendance capacity being continually reached.

In order to share Dr. Rogers’ training with pastors on a global scale, his entire pastor training curriculum was professionally videotaped in Memphis, TN, in April 2005, seven months before his heavenly homegoing.

In this monumental taping, Dr. Rogers sought to distill an entire lifetime of ministry wisdom into a practical, hands-on training curriculum. This training has been edited and crafted into what global church leaders agree is one of the most powerful and practical training courses for pastors in the world today.

In 2004, Dr. Rogers made this statement regarding his desire to mentor the next generation of leaders: “In a relay race, there comes a time when the runner has the baton in his hand, and he’s about to place it in the hand of the next runner, and for a time they’re running side by side. I call that the ‘Transfer Zone.’ That’s where I am right now. I want to leave what God has taught me in the hearts and minds of so many young preachers.”

World-Class Adjunct Professors

Complementing Dr. Rogers’ core curriculum are additional lectures by some of the leaders in Christian Education, such as Dr. David Allen, dean of the School of Religion at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. Robert Smith Jr., professor of Christian preaching at Beeson Divinity School. Lectures are augmented by thought-provoking and insightful readings from influential pastors, Christian educators, and thought leaders.

Training That Is Accessible, Affordable, and Transformational

The School of Global Leadership’s curriculum is nondenominational, yet contains solid biblical truths, presented in a practical, hands-on format. Session topics range from secrets of sermon preparation to the keys of wise leadership; from maintaining lives of integrity to the importance of marital fidelity. The school’s Certificate in Pastoral Leadership complements any theological education and is also ideal for pastors or leaders who have not attended seminary.