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About the Pastor Training Institute

paraguayPastor Training Conference in Paraguay | September 2010

The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute was founded in 2003 for the purpose of sharing Dr. Rogers’ fifty-plus years of pastoral wisdom and experience with Christian leaders worldwide. While our beloved messenger has finished his earthly race, his timeless message continues to train and encourage pastors through PTI.

Our Mission

The Pastor Training Institute exists to create world-class leadership resources that are both practical and biblically-based and to deliver them to front line pastors around the world.

Our Vision

To help God-anointed and God-appointed pastors change the world through these ministry emphases:

  • Training — cultivate pastoral skills in the areas of maturity, ministry, and management leadership
  • Encouraging — help pastors to stay the course during challenging times through refreshing ministry conferences
  • Assisting — supply world-class resources to assist pastors and expand their ministry impact
  • Mentoring — connect global leaders—from mega-church pastors to start-up church planters—with exemplary past and present ministry mentors

Our Strategy

PTI’s equipping strategy consists of two initiatives:
On-site training throughout the world. The Pastor Training Institute currently has an ongoing training center in New England and Kenya. We also conduct conferences in many Latin American countries many times throughout the year. In addition, PTI has certified facilitators who offer our training in Texas, Ohio, and Washington state on an ongoing basis.

The Adrian Rogers School of Global Leadership, a state-of-the-art online e-learning portal that will offer comprehensive training via streaming audio and video, supported by digital print (PDF) and multi-media. PTI plans to launch its online school in 2016 in English and follow with Spanish in 2018. Visit the School of Global Leadership website,, for more information.


PTI is a faith-based ministry that relies totally on God to supply our financial needs. Through the support of caring people who have a passion to partner with us, we are enabled to significantly influence the world.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute support the Church’s next generation of leaders. Regardless of the size of your gift, God will mightily use every contribution to help this ministry.

The Rogers family greatly appreciates your financial support, which advances Adrian’s vision of training pastors to take the gospel message all over the world.

The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All gifts are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Donate online or send your gifts to:

The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute
11231 US Highway 1, Suite 101
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

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