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The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority

by Adrian Rogers

In a world obsessed with power, the Bible reveals the most awesome power of all: that of kingdom authority, the same power unleashed with God raised Jesus from the grave. The good news is that the same power, the greatest power in the universe, is available to every believer today.

Only as we understand and submit to kingdom authority can we exercise our God-given rights as children of the King. The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority: Achieving Victory Through Surrender challenges Christians to live up to our status and privileges as believers in Christ. Knowing the priority, principles, power, and places of kingdom authority enables Christians to take back ground lost to the enemy and achieve victory over Satan.

Taught by renowned Bible teacher and preacher Adrian Rogers, The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority will help believers to:

  • establish God’s authority in their lives;
  • learn how to appropriate God’s authority in spiritual battles;
  • live under God’s authority in the home and church.

This leader kit provides the following items for facilitating a seven-week study. The Participant Workbook contains six weeks of personal, daily assignments and a leader guide with suggestions for facilitating the group sessions. The included DVDs contain seven video sessions featuring Dr. Rogers’ teaching plus bonus discussion times to enhance your group study.

Additional Participant Workbooks are available separately.

The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority DVD Leader Kit is available from Growing Your Faith Discipleship Resources.
The Participant Workbooks are available through Love Worth Finding.

(All proceeds of Leader Kit sales initiating from the School of Global Leadership’s website go toward our Pastor Scholarship Fund.)