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Tributes from Christian Leaders

“We need for ministers of the Gospel to defend the Bible as the infallible Word of God; I believe in my heart that Adrian Rogers was such a man. I knew him personally. I had walked with him and prayed with him. I know God’s hand was upon Adrian Rogers as he proclaimed the Bread of Life from his church and through radio and television; I praise God for his ministry.”

Billy Graham

International Evangelist

“Here was a man whom the Southern Baptists have kept coming back to. On top of everything else, he pastored one of the largest churches in the world. There are many who presume to speak for the evangelical movement, but surely Dr. Rogers was one of the handful who truly represented it. He was a great man with a lot of influence and a lot of wisdom. ”

George H.W. Bush

Former President of the United States

“Adrian’s contribution to this ministry over the years has been incalculable. As a member of our Board of Directors, he has provided godly wisdom and counsel on countless occasions. We couldn’t have a better leader filling that vital position. God blessed us significantly in giving us Dr. Rogers.”

Dr. James Dobson

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Focus on the Family

“He was a friend who was always loving, always commanding respect, always calling us to do what was right, never wavering in his commitment to God and to his Word, and leading us to stand firm in matters that must not be compromised. By his character and extraordinary giftedness, he compelled us to follow his leadership. He was a giant in every way.”

Jimmy Draper

Former President, LifeWay Christian Resources

“Every now and then, God raises up a giant — one with an unusual anointing. Dr. Rogers was such a man. God used this man for some five decades or more to touch lives and to change lives, by the preaching and declaration of the Word of God. I was certainly among such a crowd. I want to recommend to you a resource that can literally change your life as God uses you to change the lives of other. That is this conglomeration, this synthesis of the life and the ministry of Dr. Adrian Rogers.”

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer

President, The King’s College and Seminary (Los Angeles, California)

“In my opinion, Adrian Rogers was one of the truly great preachers in America – and a beloved friend. This was God’s man with a message.”

Chuck Colson

Founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries

“Few men have left such an impact on a church, a denomination, and the larger world. His personal defense of biblical inerrancy and the great truths of the gospel awakened a generation of Southern Baptists to a crisis in our midst, and he put his own ministry and reputation on the line for the sake of denominational recovery and reformation.”

Albert Mohler, Jr.

President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Adrian Rogers was a model preacher, pastor, evangelist, husband, and father. He was an inspiration to untold millions, and the full impact of his life and ministry likely will not be comprehended or calculated this side of eternity. … When I needed counsel, I often sought his advice. Not only was I blessed by listening to his powerful sermons, but I also looked at his life and saw no greed, no grudges, no jealousies, and no egotism. However, I did see Jesus. Adrian was my mentor in the ministry and became for me a model of the Christian life—a model for whom I had enormous love and respect.”

Morris Chapman

Former President and CEO, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee

“As a pastor of some 42 years and 37 years in one congregation, Dr. Rogers was a model in his pastoral administration and ministry. It’s wonderful to see his legacy moving on for the Kingdom of God.”

Dr. Paul Walker

Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

“When you preach the Word of God, and you handle it accurately as Dr. Adrian Rogers did, your ministry never ceases. And I think about “he being dead, yet speaketh.” And how thankful I am to have known this man, to call him friend. What a man and what a legacy he has left!”

Kay Arthur

Author and Bible Teacher, Precept Ministries International (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

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